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ID: Rj-rsZ0001 Game: Runescape 3
Server: Runescape 3 Level: 114
Level114, ATK:90, STR:90, DEF:90, RNG:90, MAG:90, summoning:77, GOLD(M): Class: Type: PRA:83, slayer:81, herblore:81, runecrafting:69, mining:82, smithing:90, fishing:76, cooking:99, firemaking:99, woodcutting:83, TotalLevel:2191, QuestPoint:402.

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2:Dear customer:When u paid order, please log in game in 5 minutes and open (Private ,Trade, Clan) online friends state. Our delivery guy will meet u and trade with you fastly!

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Off-hand Dragon Claw and Bandos Godsword
Off-hand Dragon Claw and Dragon pickaxe
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