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Pay attention to your account security!

Dear customers, due to an increase fraud activity recently, we remind you should keep personal information secret and definitely not tell any other third-party about it. If you choose an unsafe site and tell your privacy to their people, they may steal your information in your account including your item or rs gold and give back your account with nothing in it. If you hand over your account to an unreliable working team, they may pretend to be one of the working team in game and said that there's something wrong with your account and ask you to give it back. If dealing with them you may lose all of your account information and money! So they always steal gold in your account and sell them to others to earn more profit by using this means of fraud.

We strongly advise you keeping your privacy from telling others except your trusted sellers and being careful when talking to somebody in game. Our site is always well praised by most players and we promise we never do these terrible things to our customers and never steal players' rs gold and item in game. Please pay attention to those extra cheap site!

Post Time:2017/11/21
Phishing Scam in RS

Recently RuneScape developers have confirmed that an extremely legitimate looking email is being sent to RS players that is actually a phishing scam. The email indicates that the recipient has received an infraction for the use of macros and tells them to click a link to review the issue. This is absolutely a phishing scam. It's a scam, Jagex informed Eurogamer. "This isn't legit and is indeed a Phising site," a spokesperson said. Therefore, you don't need to review the evidence on a website as the email suggests. But you might consider throwing the email in the bin. And we strongly recommend you not click the link and go to legitimate site to get rs gold.

Post Time:2017/11/21
Plans about Runesacape

The Runescape site has been updated with information about what players can expect as new month rolls out. New guild support, a reworked death mechanic, more rs gold, an Easter event and a royal wedding will be added to the game. Devs have laid out all of the plans in an informative dev diary.

Dying in RuneScape will become less painful later this month as we introduce the concept of Limbo. If you die in any unsafe, non-PVP area, you will be prompted to choose which rs gold you retain; also certain types of items will always be kept on death, but also most quest-specific items and common, low-value items.

Post Time:2017/11/21
Return to Canifis Book

Runescape fans will enjoy reading novels based on their favorite game world. In the review of the second Runescape novel, "Return to Canifis", let's see if it's worth the read in Bobby's review  about this. RuneScape widens its world again with the second novel based on the free MMORPG, titled Return to Canifis. For those familiar with the world, Canifis is one of the members-only areas, a dark and evil place populated by the ravenous, as well as werewolves and their vampire overlords. The new book, also written by 2010's Betrayal at Falador author T.S. Church, weaves this setting into a story that will appeal to both younger and older readers, and is capable of drawing in those unfamiliar with the RuneScape game, especially about how to earn rs gold.

Post Time:2017/11/21
RS Player Attempting 25-99

Recently a Runescape player Alibhon will attempt to level 25 skills to level 99 and acquire the quest cape in one day (not including rs gold ). From the way they worded things and from how players have been responding, it seems like Alibhon has already accomplished this feat.  There are already a large number of people congratulating Alibhon even though she hasn't done anything yet.  It seems like people should be wishing her luck and not congratulations.This is most likely going to be a 24 hr marathon for Alibhon, in order to accomplish all that in one day.  You can check the Runescape site for updates throughout the day.  If Alibhon is able to accomplish this feat it will put her down it Runescape history as the first and only player to ever do so.

Post Time:2017/11/21
Runescape Capes of Distinction

Kicking off the merry month of May will be some snazzy new capes, which was soon followed by a Guaranteed Content Poll to let players decide the look of one of these capes, the veteran cape. That winning veteran cape design will soon be available to all players who have had a RuneScape account especially searched for rs gold for at least five years.

Alongside these two will be a series of nine player-crafted capes that can be woven once you've trained all of your skills up to a multiple of ten. So, the natural question to follow that is: 'What happens when you've trained all your skills to level 99?' It's not like you can wear all your skillcapes at the same time. In which case, you'll probably want to track down Max in Varrock and buy a max cape from him.

Even the max cape is not the end of it, there is at least one more cape to be claimed only by those deemed worthy of it – it's on display on the top floor of Varrock Museum. What will it take to prove you are its rightful owner? The only way to find out is to try to take it and earn more rs gold!

Post Time:2017/11/21
Runescape New Plan in June

There's a lot coming to RuneScape in June. Not only will a new sea monster be unleashed on the world but also players will have new wearable buff auras and rs gold. If you want a real nuisance, you can't beat the real thing. Trolls are swarming down the hills of Burthorpe and are threatening to lay waste to any imperial guard that gets in their way. Who can stop them? This month's single-player distraction and diversion for members allows you to choose between taking the trolls on in straight combat, or tending the defences that hold them back.

In the battlefield and you will face 20 waves of increasingly belligerent trolls, from the common mountain troll to the summoning troll, dynamite troll and Cliff, who ate an entire cliff face for his first meal. If that proves easy, there's a more intense 7 wave version to conquer, which has an increased difficulty level.

Post Time:2017/11/21
Runescape Sea Monster & Troll Invasion

Two new updates are coming to Runescape - a new master quest and new diversion quest. The new master quest will have players chasing after a sea monster by the name Thalassus who has been terrorizing the oceans to the north. Thalassus, the size of the Wizard's Tower, is big foe. To join in on the hunt, players are required to have a Fishing level of 70, a Hunter level of 67 and a Thieving level of 60.

The Troll Invasion has begun and trolls are swarming down the hills of Burthorpe, laying waste to any one in their way. This month's single-player distraction allows players to get more rs gold choose between taking the trolls on in straight combat, or tending the defences that hold them back. Better still, there are no requirements to do so. Take to the battlefield and face 20 waves of increasingly belligerent trolls, from the common mountain troll to the summoning troll, dynamite troll and Cliff, who ate an entire cliff face for his first meal. If that proves too easy, there's a more 7 wave version to conquer, which has an increased difficulty level.

Post Time:2017/11/21
Runescape updated quests

One of the weeks in May will see a variety of minor updates, fixes and improvements in Runescape, which have been compiled from some of players' most discussed issues such as rs gold on the forums. Two more areas of RuneScape are set for some visual overhauls in May. Draynor Village will be the first to be given a new lick of paint, and Rellekka will be jumping on the bandwagon towards the end of the month.
Rounding off May will be the Fremennik Sagas. These will be a slightly new type of content – a mix of Dungeoneering and quests. You'll take control of and experience first-hand the lives of some of Daemonheim's denizens and those who have struggled to uncover the secrets of its depths.

If you don't have the level requirements to play a complete saga, you'll still be able to play an abridged version of it, from which you'll get only a small part of both the reward like rs gold, but you can always return to play through them again when you do have the levels required to play the unabridged versions.

Post Time:2017/11/21
St George's Day

Recently Jagex are celebrating the patron of dragon slaying, St George. The tale of St George speaks of a town terrorised by a venomous dragon. The townsfolk had to appease the dragon with offerings of sheep or unlucky citizens. Luckily, a certain St George happened to pass by the village and slew the dragon, saving the town from further torment. Of course, the story has a little more detail than that. As well as getting rid of a few dragons, they are also going to be running a special competition to guess how many green dragons will be slain, and the winner will receive some RuneScape products as gisf like a great deal of rs gold.

Post Time:2017/11/21
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