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Post Time:8/7/2014
Dungeoneering Guide Competition

Dungeoneering hit its first year milestone in earlier April. To celebrate this Jagex company are planning a special Dungeoneering week from the 2nd May. They'll have a load of dungeon goodness going your way, and starting with a special Dungeoneering-themed competition! They're looking for talented guide makers to Dungeoneering that the world of RuneScape has ever seen.

Your mission is to create a guide which gives detailed instructions on forming a group and how to level successfully up to at least level 33. To be in for a real chance of winning you will need to ensure the guide is easy to understand and includes some helpful pictures and diagrams, like how to earn more rs gold! The best entry will win some signed concept art and they will also be giving away some prizes for the runners-up.

Post Time:8/7/2014
Fremennik Sagas in Runescape

The immortal storyteller, Skaldrun, has been trapped in the frozen floors of Daemonheim for centuries. Players who free him from this chilly prison will earn the opportunity to literally step into the shoes of the protagonists of his Fremennik Sagas, and take on their unique abilities and rs gold while living out their tales. The first of these sagas is Three's Company, which marks the first in-game appearance of stoic Temple Knight Sir Owen, seer-sorceress Ariane, and the ever-charming, remarkably skilled and implausibly handsome Ozan. Take control of all three characters as they make their way through the frozen floors to track down a dangerous criminal intent on harnessing the secrets of summoning for his own nefarious ends. This saga is completely available to free-players and members alike.

All of these sagas come in both abridged and unabridged versions. The abridged sagas offer reduced story and rewards, but can be played by anyone who has found that saga's 'memory fragment' within Daemonheim. The unabridged sagas offer greater rewards and the complete story, but require certain other skill levels and rs gold to become accessible. In terms of rewards, abridged sagas offer Dungeoneering XP and tokens, while unabridged versions give rewards of XP in the skills required to access the saga. All sagas are repeatable, though their rewards can only be claimed once.

Post Time:8/7/2014
Great News: Runefest 2011 Announced

Runefest 2011 will be held in London at Old Billingsgate overlooking the River Thames and will be a two day event from Oct 29 – 30th. Runefest is back for its second year and celebrating 10 years of Runescape. Tickets go on sale from Monday June 27, 2011 and are £59 for a one-day pass and £99 for both days. There will also be a Halloween after hours party which costs £49 and is open exclusively to RuneFest attendees, tickets are limited.  VIP tickets are also available for £179 and include both Runefest and the Halloween after party and include such perks as priority seating for all presentations, private insider sessions with senior developers, signed concept art and a private J-Mod staffed area with your own VIP bar. Just stop grinding your rs gold for the time being, join the big party with your friends!

Post Time:8/7/2014
Holly & Hawthorn Announced in RS

The RuneScape team has announced the Easter content players can explore in the coming week. "Holly & Hawthorn", players are charged with recovering the baton of seasons so that the Queen of Snow can hand it over to the Queen of Sunshine to usher in the change of seasons. Players must commune with the elements and track down the 'year baton' to prevent RuneScape from being trapped in winter forever. While players complete the holiday quest they will also be able to join forces and side with either winter or spring by chopping down seasonal trees. Free-players will be able to fell holly trees to help bring in springtime, while members have the other choice of chopping down hawthorn trees to side with winter. The Season Tree will keep track of how things are going, and the Land of Holly and Hawthorn will sway between the seasons. Come and enjoy more rs gold now!

Post Time:8/7/2014
Jagex Wins Queen's Award

With the celebratory items for the Royal Wedding, the Jagex team is feeling much patriotic this week. In addition to all the in-game activities and continuing the royal theme, they were very honoured today to receive a Queen's Award for Enterprise, the prestigious awards programme for British businesses. Jagex has won the award in the Innovation category, for the continuous development, innovation and success of RuneScape. It is a real honour for Jagex to be recognised in this way, particularly as we celebrate our 10th anniversary this year.

It wouldn't be right to celebrate this incredible achievement without expressing our thanks to you, the loyal RuneScape community. The development team work tirelessly to create the best gaming experiences for each and every one of you, and we would not be able to win such an award like rs gold without the support over the last ten years.

Post Time:8/7/2014
Pay attention to your account security!

Dear customers, due to an increase fraud activity recently, we remind you should keep personal information secret and definitely not tell any other third-party about it. If you choose an unsafe site and tell your privacy to their people, they may steal your information in your account including your item or rs gold and give back your account with nothing in it. If you hand over your account to an unreliable working team, they may pretend to be one of the working team in game and said that there's something wrong with your account and ask you to give it back. If dealing with them you may lose all of your account information and money! So they always steal gold in your account and sell them to others to earn more profit by using this means of fraud.

We strongly advise you keeping your privacy from telling others except your trusted sellers and being careful when talking to somebody in game. Our site is always well praised by most players and we promise we never do these terrible things to our customers and never steal players' rs gold and item in game. Please pay attention to those extra cheap site!

Post Time:8/7/2014
Phishing Scam in RS

Recently RuneScape developers have confirmed that an extremely legitimate looking email is being sent to RS players that is actually a phishing scam. The email indicates that the recipient has received an infraction for the use of macros and tells them to click a link to review the issue. This is absolutely a phishing scam. It's a scam, Jagex informed Eurogamer. "This isn't legit and is indeed a Phising site," a spokesperson said. Therefore, you don't need to review the evidence on a website as the email suggests. But you might consider throwing the email in the bin. And we strongly recommend you not click the link and go to legitimate site to get rs gold.

Post Time:8/7/2014
Plans about Runesacape

The Runescape site has been updated with information about what players can expect as new month rolls out. New guild support, a reworked death mechanic, more rs gold, an Easter event and a royal wedding will be added to the game. Devs have laid out all of the plans in an informative dev diary.

Dying in RuneScape will become less painful later this month as we introduce the concept of Limbo. If you die in any unsafe, non-PVP area, you will be prompted to choose which rs gold you retain; also certain types of items will always be kept on death, but also most quest-specific items and common, low-value items.

Post Time:8/7/2014
Return to Canifis Book

Runescape fans will enjoy reading novels based on their favorite game world. In the review of the second Runescape novel, "Return to Canifis", let's see if it's worth the read in Bobby's review  about this. RuneScape widens its world again with the second novel based on the free MMORPG, titled Return to Canifis. For those familiar with the world, Canifis is one of the members-only areas, a dark and evil place populated by the ravenous, as well as werewolves and their vampire overlords. The new book, also written by 2010's Betrayal at Falador author T.S. Church, weaves this setting into a story that will appeal to both younger and older readers, and is capable of drawing in those unfamiliar with the RuneScape game, especially about how to earn rs gold.

Post Time:8/7/2014
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