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Quests are series of tasks in Runescape that players can choose to complete. Some quests require players to work together, and others require players to kill powerful monsters. Once a player completes all quests in the game, an achievement cape can be purchased from an NPC. Rewards depend on the quests’ difficulty. rs2goldonline provides special RS quest service to help you complete the quest you want. Once you place the order, our professional gamers will help you get over all the difficulties you meet with and fulfill your dream. For members and non-members, we provide different types of quest services.

Missing, Presumed Death


Quest rewards:

2 Quest points

500 Prayer experience lamp, 1,000 Agility experience lamp, 1,500 combat experience lamp

Mask of Sliske, Light/Mask of Sliske, Shadow cosmetic headgears.

Book of the underworld

Invitation box, used to teleport to the Empyrean Citadel.

2 Treasure Hunter keys and 2 Hearts of Ice

Price:$6.49  Time:2Hours

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