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Fremennik Sagas in Runescape

The immortal storyteller, Skaldrun, has been trapped in the frozen floors of Daemonheim for centuries. Players who free him from this chilly prison will earn the opportunity to literally step into the shoes of the protagonists of his Fremennik Sagas, and take on their unique abilities and rs gold while living out their tales. The first of these sagas is Three's Company, which marks the first in-game appearance of stoic Temple Knight Sir Owen, seer-sorceress Ariane, and the ever-charming, remarkably skilled and implausibly handsome Ozan. Take control of all three characters as they make their way through the frozen floors to track down a dangerous criminal intent on harnessing the secrets of summoning for his own nefarious ends. This saga is completely available to free-players and members alike.

All of these sagas come in both abridged and unabridged versions. The abridged sagas offer reduced story and rewards, but can be played by anyone who has found that saga's 'memory fragment' within Daemonheim. The unabridged sagas offer greater rewards and the complete story, but require certain other skill levels and rs gold to become accessible. In terms of rewards, abridged sagas offer Dungeoneering XP and tokens, while unabridged versions give rewards of XP in the skills required to access the saga. All sagas are repeatable, though their rewards can only be claimed once.

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