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Runescape Capes of Distinction

Kicking off the merry month of May will be some snazzy new capes, which was soon followed by a Guaranteed Content Poll to let players decide the look of one of these capes, the veteran cape. That winning veteran cape design will soon be available to all players who have had a RuneScape account especially searched for rs gold for at least five years.

Alongside these two will be a series of nine player-crafted capes that can be woven once you've trained all of your skills up to a multiple of ten. So, the natural question to follow that is: 'What happens when you've trained all your skills to level 99?' It's not like you can wear all your skillcapes at the same time. In which case, you'll probably want to track down Max in Varrock and buy a max cape from him.

Even the max cape is not the end of it, there is at least one more cape to be claimed only by those deemed worthy of it – it's on display on the top floor of Varrock Museum. What will it take to prove you are its rightful owner? The only way to find out is to try to take it and earn more rs gold!

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