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Runescape Sea Monster & Troll Invasion

Two new updates are coming to Runescape - a new master quest and new diversion quest. The new master quest will have players chasing after a sea monster by the name Thalassus who has been terrorizing the oceans to the north. Thalassus, the size of the Wizard's Tower, is big foe. To join in on the hunt, players are required to have a Fishing level of 70, a Hunter level of 67 and a Thieving level of 60.

The Troll Invasion has begun and trolls are swarming down the hills of Burthorpe, laying waste to any one in their way. This month's single-player distraction allows players to get more rs gold choose between taking the trolls on in straight combat, or tending the defences that hold them back. Better still, there are no requirements to do so. Take to the battlefield and face 20 waves of increasingly belligerent trolls, from the common mountain troll to the summoning troll, dynamite troll and Cliff, who ate an entire cliff face for his first meal. If that proves too easy, there's a more 7 wave version to conquer, which has an increased difficulty level.

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